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Ben Carson California governor takes Ben Carson to task on climate change
Apply ointment directly to the burn.
US flag waving It's time to drop the 'A-word' when we talk about immigrants
If you think it isn’t offensive, think again.
California senate passes bill preventing children unvaccinated based on personal/religious beliefs from attending school California senators approve strict new childhood vaccine laws
No more personal believe exemptions for public and private schools.
Shaming your neighbors on social media won't solve California's water crisis
Here's the real reason behind California's deadly drought.
imgur: the simple image sharer Bill Maher: Millennials should be called 'Generation A**'
The cranky Real Time With Bill Maher host goes off on Generation Y, butts.
imgur: the simple image sharer Bitcoin is now 'lawful money' in California
You might not have known that Bitcoin was previously banned in California.