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Watching TV, Wedgwood, Washington, USA | Flickr - Photo Sharing! How to watch TV when your phone already knows what happens next
Wait, was there something good on TV last night?
grosseat Binge TV is the new black
Bingeing on a TV show used to be something you'd only do when home with the flu. Now it's how we want to consume TV all the time. 
Crowds funding a film Crowdfunding studio films: Amazing or insane?
Is the Veronica Mars kickstarter campaign the beginning of the future of studio production?
Shane Dawson screen grab Why no one wants to pay for YouTube channels
Here's why the idea of YouTube pay channels totally misses the mark, according to industry writer and filmmaker Jason Schmid.
Chris Hardwick Nerdist Channel The rise of the channel, or the Bright Young Things of YouTube
A new generation is changing how we think of Web TV.