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Rand Paul with NSA logo Rand Paul praises Edward Snowden for doing 'a service' to the U.S.
Paul also suggested a light sentence for the 'whistleblower.'
EFF protest Civil-liberties groups ask the government to detail surveillance statistics
More than two dozen groups want answers.
computer at the White House Conservative groups urge Obama to back strong encryption
'The White House’s silence on encryption is deafening.'
illustration of a dollar bill tailored to look similar to the chinese flag Top U.S. intelligence officials: We're losing the fight in cyberspace
'We are not going to fix this problem in a few years.'
Senator Ron Wyden looking sullen Sen. Ron Wyden on the lessons from the OPM hack and why he opposes CISA
'I will not casually give up these amendments that are so important to making a flawed bill better.'
Ron Wyden Ron Wyden, the Internet's senator
After two decades in the Senate, privacy hawk Ron Wyden is still going strong.