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hummus I got tricked into watching an infomercial for Israel
Want your webseries to make people interested in Israel? Make sure it doesn't sound like a sales pitch.
colorful image of a gun barrel America's gun control laws are a farceā€”and it's beyond time to call foul
There's been at least one shooting per day this year. It cannot remain this way.
men holding hands jerusalem Here's what happens when two men in Jerusalem hold hands
They didn't receive a warm welcome.
mike huckabee holocaust comments Mike Huckabee's Iran deal Holocaust analogy leaves Jon Stewart speechless
You finally broke him, Huckabee. Good job.
Mike Huckabee thinks the Iran deal is like the Holocaust
As it turns out, he says this sort of thing a lot.
The Israeli military is surveilling Israeli civilians on Facebook Israel is using Facebook to spy on civilians
'We must presume that information has been gathered on any one of us.'