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glitched image of computer A 'severe' cyberattack has hit Israel's energy ministry
No suspect has been identified yet.
capitol hill being spied on through a magnifying glass Civil liberties groups ask Congress to probe NSA spying on U.S. lawmakers
Will Congress step up its oversight of the NSA?
House committee investigating NSA program that accidentally spied on Congress
After revelations that the NSA scooped up their calls, Congress has all eyes on surveillance.
Adam Schiff singing Meet the Mets House lawmakers' Mets–Dodgers bet ends on a sad note for California congressman
Here's hoping he shows more enthusiasm next time.
hummus I got tricked into watching an infomercial for Israel
Want your webseries to make people interested in Israel? Make sure it doesn't sound like a sales pitch.
colorful image of a gun barrel America's gun control laws are a farce—and it's beyond time to call foul
There's been at least one shooting per day this year. It cannot remain this way.