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Iran flags Prisoner swap frees 4 Iranian-Americans, including the Washington Post's Jason Rezaian
Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian is among them.
capitol hill being spied on through a magnifying glass Civil liberties groups ask Congress to probe NSA spying on U.S. lawmakers
Will Congress step up its oversight of the NSA?
House committee investigating NSA program that accidentally spied on Congress
After revelations that the NSA scooped up their calls, Congress has all eyes on surveillance.
trump giving a speech Fact-checking the GOP debate
Who had the biggest fib?
political animals speaking at a microphone The first 2016 Democratic debate: A cynical voter's guide
Let's get ready to cordially disagree with each other!
Linkedin logo with Iranian flag Iranian 'threat group' reportedly behind ring of fake LinkedIn profiles
The purported hackers behind these attacks don't actually need a job, it turns out.