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Apple's iPhone 6s can weigh plums, in case you ever need it to
If Apple won't allow third-party scale apps, it better be developing its own.
Apple says it's 'impossible' for it to unlock iOS 8 devices
The company also asked the judge not to force it to unlock older devices for the government.
Tor Onion Router and Apple logo mashup New Tor apps for iOS 9 headed to iPhone, iPad
Apple iPhone users are about to get a privacy upgrade.
illustration of the apple logo Chinese hackers jailbreak iOS 9 despite Apple's best attempts to stop them
It has only been 19 days since iOS 9 emerged into the world.
New iOS 9 exploit exposes your photos and contacts
Your photos and contact list aren't safe on iOS 9.0.1.
To Do List The 3 best iPhone to-do list apps
Ditch the Post-Its and go digital.