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turkey flag combined with the facebook logo The rotten politics infecting Turkey's social media
Turkey has a problem, and it's only getting worse.
glitched image of a lock New Hampshire bill to allow Tor in public libraries up for House vote
The bill is meant as a statement in support of privacy software in public libraries.
Supreme Court Justice Scalia Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's evolution on Internet freedom
When it comes to Internet freedom, Scalia may have been one of the great legal minds of our time.
Iran.png (1024×512) As elections approach, Iran cracks down on Internet activism with 'advanced' censorship tactics
Many popular censorship circumvention tools have seen a large drop in their connections from Iran.
computer with an american flag on its screen U.S. agency behind pro-democracy propaganda to launch Internet Freedom Office
The agency that funds encrypted-messaging apps and Tor is doubling down on those efforts.
image of french flag No Tor or Wi-Fi ban in France, prime minister says
'A ban of Wi-Fi is not a course of action envisaged.'