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internet freedom

image of french flag No Tor or Wi-Fi ban in France, prime minister says
'A ban of Wi-Fi is not a course of action envisaged.'
youtube logo in the shape of a map of turkey Turkey's YouTube ban violated free speech, European court rules
This is not the only time Turkey's government has censored the Internet.
STOP THE TPP signs U.S., 11 other nations finalize controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
The deal now heads to Congress, but a vote isn't expected for several more months.
Vegas stock photo Presidential candidates try to kill online gambling
The house always wins.
US Capitol building with flag at half mast Congress passes fast track, paving the way for controversial TPP trade bill
This is bad, bad news for opponents of the TPP.
Jillian York in front of painting of a cat using a megaphone Internet-freedom superstar Jillian York talks privacy, free speech, and zonkies
What scares one of the world's most prominent Internet-freedom advocates? Not what you think.