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incept out'Inside Out' meets 'Inception' in mind-melting remix
The tension comes with the soundtrack.
Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson look awfully familiar in this 'Regression' trailer
In which Remus Lupin attempts to recover Hermione's repressed memories of Voldemort.
undefinedThe 7 biggest problems with 'Interstellar'
What's wrong with Interstellar? Let us count the ways.
5RJ7R1g.jpg (1366×768)'Inception' gets even more complicated when explained by a mom
Thank goodness Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't playing the main character. Then it might have really sucked.
Dark Knight RisesWhat Christopher Nolan can learn from the demise of M. Night Shyamalan
The Internet buzz for Interstellar is reaching a fever pitch. Here's how the movie can live up to the hype.
YepukgO.png (1024×683)I let a YouTube sleep hypnotist talk me into lucid dreaming
On my first attempt at lucid dreaming, I had a dream that I was tweeting. The horror.
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