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envelope with the google logo printed on it Gmail will now literally write email responses for you
Because time is precious and sifting through your inbox is a pain.
App Store icon 10 apps that should have made Apple's best of 2014 list
Seriously, where is Kim Kardshian: Hollywood!?
Gmail_900_506_90_s_c1_smart_scale.jpg (900×506) Someone on eBay is trying to sell Google Inbox invites for $200
Google's new Gmail app is creating a strange black market. 
Google Inbox Google Inbox may be the email client we've been waiting for
Did Google just fix email?
mcREaFC.jpg (1280×720) Google announces Inbox, its future replacement for Gmail
We're sure this won't cause any panic or consternation whatsoever.
Rural mailbox | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Diving into the insanity of Facebook's 'Other' inbox
You're more popular than you know.