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vin diesel and mark zuckerberg Vin Diesel is the undisputed king of Facebook memes
Celebrity social media done right.
j. crew Drunk J. Crew is your must-follow Tumblr of the week
Let's do shots and try on some coats.
Founders | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Fake quotes from founding fathers are just what Presidents' Day needed
Find out what Ben Franklin would sound like as an Internet commenter.
Screen_Shot_2014-01-28_at_1.02.44_PM.png (1612×828) What's a 'meme'? Really hard to explain, that's what
Pretty sure it has something to do with twerking.
Facebook | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Your Facebook feed is about to get a lot smarter
Spam purveyors ought to be running scared.
undefined The unintentional hilarity of Grand Theft Auto V comments
A new single-serving Tumblr collects all of the outrageous, offensive, gross, and borderline illiterate comments viewers have made about the GVA V trailer.