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the mongolz CSGO team Mongolian side shocks the rest of the field at IEM Taipei, qualify for IEM Katowice
One of the most surprising upsets in Counter-Strike in months happened over the weekend.
Forg1ven with Gambit Gaming H2k reveals star-studded IEM lineup featuring FORG1VEN, Jankos, VandeR
Fans voted H2k Gaming into IEM without a set lineup. Now they're rewarded with a chance to see a potential powerhouse.
Fnatic IEM Cologne: H2k, Fnatic and Dignitas in as Liquid pull out
The lineup for the tournament is now complete.
Cloud9 at Worlds woo Cloud9, Team Liquid invited to IEM Cologne after winning fan vote
Cloud9 and Team Liquid's new lineups will be put to the test in Cologne.
Origen wins IEM San Jose Stixxay deserves to start in the LCS and other lessons from IEM San Jose
We got a taste of the 2016 season after a tumultuous offseason.
Mark Cuban at the Intel Extreme Masters San Jose, before his League of Legends showmatch Mark Cuban might be getting into esports, plays League of Legends showmatch at IEM San Jose
Cuban also defended esports against Colin Cowherd, and dropped an f-bomb for charity.