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Two married men in the style of Ashley Madison logo The Ashley Madison hack is outing LGBT people worldwide
Included in the Ashley Madison data dump were sites for straight men on the "down low."
Russia unveils a 'straight flag' to combat 'gay fever'
Yet another way for those of alternative sexualities to be alienated in Russia.
gay pride flag 35 years later, university chancellor apologizes for advocating killing gays
One hateful comment down, a couple thousand to go.
Achète un aiePhone, t'auras Grindr dessus. Ahem | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Art installation that outed Grindr users shut down early
Whatever point Dries Verhoeven meant to make was overshadowed by outrage. 
Grandma Lesbian love This grandma can't figure out how lesbian love works
You won't know whether to laugh or cry. 
Kevin Smith | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Outed in Twitter hack, Kevin Smith plays it cool
That's some social media kung-fu.