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illustration of kim davis SPLC has labeled Liberty Counsel, firm representing Kim Davis, a hate group for months
The Liberty Counsel has long promoted the idea that gay marriage will destroy Western civilization.
abstract art of lgbt triangles A brief, personal history of the word 'f****t'
What's getting lost in the Internet debate over the word 'f****t.'
Mosh pit Harassed at a Speedy Ortiz show? There's a hotline for that
Indie band Speedy Ortiz launches a hotline for people harassed at their shows. Will it work?
glitched image of a computer Kim Davis supporters trolled with clever URL redirect
LOLs for mariage equality.
Ted Cruz duhhhh Ted Cruz makes a 'gay florist' joke in baffling interview
What Cruz was thinking about while he was 'flipping porkchops' with Ellen Page.
Tyler the Creator is confused Tyler the Creator is banned from the U.K. for 3-5 years
Can we really ban artists from entire countries because we disagree with art they made as a teenager?