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Indonesia asked Facebook to block 'gay emoji' Indonesia asks Facebook, WhatsApp to block 'gay emoji'
'Social media must respect the culture and local wisdom of the country.'
Super Bowl I Believe In Love Coldplay, Beyoncé accused of gay propaganda in last night's Super Bowl halftime show
The rainbows are coming! The rainbows are coming!
gay church LGBT youth group crowdfunds campaign to buy notoriously anti-gay church
Celebrities and activists are promoting #HarlemNoHate to strike back against the church.
David Bowie mural After Westboro Baptist Church attacks David Bowie, nonprofit steals its spotlight with cancer fundraiser
They're harnessing the power of a notorious group for a good cause.
photo of ariel  winter and nash grier 'Modern Family' star Ariel Winter calls out Viner Nash Grier for his homophobic history
Winter used a Grier-friendly hashtag to call out the star's problematic past.