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trombone.png (1366×768) Tumblr is weirdly obsessed with trombones and oven doors
Nobody knows why this became a thing—but it did. 
STARFIGHTER SUMMER by HamletMachine on deviantART Behind the scenes of 'Starfighter,' the Internet's sexiest webcomic
Hamlet Machine began writing Starfighter on a whim. Years later, her erotic yaoi-influenced webcomic is a massive success.
Paradox Space Homestuck creator announces new website as main storyline comes to a close
Homestuck will live on in Paradox Space.
eMHGEVf.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024 × 768 pixels) When fandoms collide: The present and future of anime cons
Should cons try harder to stop the swell of other encroaching fandoms? At Anime Boston, the answer seems to be yes—and no.
Queen Elsa and Jack Frost - DONE by lancelotmilitar on deviantART 5 animated blockbusters combine for one huge super-fandom
Frozen may finally be slowing down at the box office, but it's heating up online.
tumblr_mq5tl1ggcf1s3b60so1_500.0_cinema_960.0-580x325.png (PNG Image, 580 × 325 pixels) Pac-Man wants to hold your hand in this new dating sim
Homestuck creator Andrew Hussie wants to know: Would you date Pac-Man if you had the chance?