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homeland security

Scottish game developer on his way to GDC says the U.S. is denying him entry
Malath Abbas of Quartic Llama games says he's stuck in Canada after his entry to the U.S. was denied.
 illustration of a key lodging itself into a computer Top DHS official vows to defend 100 percent of federal networks against cyber threats in 2016
Homeland Security has the tools—but will they work?
Muslim family barred from entering U.S. on Disneyland vacation
And no reported refund on the $13,000-plus they spent to get there.
computer with a hacking window popped up U.S. Department of Homeland Security websites are open doors to hackers, audit finds
The agency tasked with protecting the U.S. government from hackers is vulnerable to hackers.
The Department of Homeland Security is creating a cybersecurity advisory team
The DHS is stepping up its cyber game.