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Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton tries to flip the script on Benghazi in first 2016 ad
For Democrats, McCarthy's remarks are the gift that keeps on giving.
Hand holding pen Democrats beat Republicans on Facebook grammar, Grammarly study shows
When you argue about politics on Facebook, everyone loses.
hillary clinton Hillary Clinton pushes new gun-control plan following Oregon shooting
Clinton wants to overturn a Bush-era law that protects firearm dealers from liability.
hillary clinton on snl Hillary Clinton delivers a stunning Donald Trump impression on 'Saturday Night Live'
Hillary Clinton and Kate McKinnon walk into a bar.
bernie sanders as a reddit alien sitting on a pile of money Reddit's Bernie Sanders community donated at least $200K in 3 months
Some 13,800 users are responsible for more than $200,000 to Sanders's campaign in the past three months alone.
illustration of an envelope with hillary clinton's logo on it Hackers tried to infiltrate Hillary Clinton's private email in 2011
A spokesperson says she didn't fall for it.