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heartbleed bug

nsa-heartbleed.png (1440×720) White House defends right to keep cybersecurity vulnerabilities secret
"Could we utilize the vulnerability for a short period of time before we disclose it?"
corporate-locks.jpg (1440×720) Major tech companies pledge $3.9 million for open-source initiative
The Internet security initiative has garnered support from Facebook, Amazon, Cisco, Dell, and Google. 
numbersmain2.png (1226×606) Heartbleed forces password reset
No, you're not at risk.
11309394786_a85dd68d88.jpg (500×375) PayPal doesn't want you to share your mobile devices
But it's not an all-out ban. 
Photos_NewYork1_032.jpg (1024×768) Wall Street takes greater stock in cybersecurity protections
More than half of all cyberattacks come from the inside.
QVSUu4i.png (1350×788) Heartbleed will haunt the Internet for years
Just like diamonds, Heartbleed is forever.