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stethoscope Dr. Internet to the rescue!
Spoiler: You're dying.
woman in bad health stock art Yelp will now help you find the shortest hospital wait times
Warm hands, cold heart, 2 stars.
"Trans Broken Arm Syndrome:" when doctors assume every medical prob is due to being trans 'Trans Broken Arm Syndrome' and the way our healthcare system fails trans people
The hashtag #TransHealthFail shows just how little the medical profession knows about transgender healthcare.
Elizabeth Warren to Planned Parenthood opponents: 'Do you have any idea what year it is?'
When you hear her speech, you'll see that she's not holding back.
Hackers could change patients' medicine dosages with vulnerable device, FDA warns
A hacker could take over someone's medicine drip.
Supreme Court of the United States Texas Republican trolls the Supreme Court with 'SCOTUScare Act of 2015'
Freshman congressman is now seeking cosponsors.
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