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Supreme Court of the United StatesTexas Republican trolls the Supreme Court with 'SCOTUScare Act of 2015'
Freshman congressman is now seeking cosponsors.
maron obama interview Marc Maron dishes on his Obama interview
Speaking just two days after the Charleston shootings, the president was honest about the state of race relations.
Wheelchair symbol on glass doorWatch this paralyzed patient give her nurse the best surprise ever
Get ready to rev your empathy engines.
south dakota state capitolSouth Dakota lawmaker makes ISIS the new Hitler in his anti-abortion crusade
Isaac Latterell thinks unborn fetuses are being beheaded in his backyard.
InjectionThe best hangover cure is an IV drip in the back of a sketchy bus
If you drink like an idiot, have too much money, and aren't afraid of needles, then have we got a club for you.
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