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harry potter alliance

The Harry Potter Alliance wants to turn today's fans into tomorrow's leaders
The HPA has a plan for the next decade—and it might just involve you.
Harry Potter Alliance campaign celebrates fanfiction awareness
Fanworks aren't only protected in the U.S.—they're a vibrant part of modern-day creative culture.
eddie redmayne researched jackson bird trans video How this Harry Potter fan's trans coming-out video inspired Eddie Redmayne
The Oscar-winning actor who will star in 'Fantastic Beasts' has his eye on the HP fan community.
Loved Harry Potter community leader comes out as trans in moving vlog post
'It didn't feel like me—it felt like a game. A game I was winning... but I wasn't playing the game as me.'
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in Hunger Games Harry Potter Alliance battles income inequality with #MyHungerGames
Harry Potter Alliance uses Hunger Games marketing for social justice.
4NE2c8H.jpg (1366×690) The Harry Potter Alliance's equality campaign video is a moving tribute to fandom
John Green matched $10,000 in donations made to the fandom non-profit's Equality FTW campaign.