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Harry Potter Alliance

Loved Harry Potter community leader comes out as trans in moving vlog post
'It didn't feel like me—it felt like a game. A game I was winning... but I wasn't playing the game as me.'
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in Hunger Games Harry Potter Alliance battles income inequality with #MyHungerGames
Harry Potter Alliance uses Hunger Games marketing for social justice.
4NE2c8H.jpg (1366×690)The Harry Potter Alliance's equality campaign video is a moving tribute to fandom
John Green matched $10,000 in donations made to the fandom non-profit's Equality FTW campaign. 
youtube logo with net neutral logo inside of itYouTubers unite to support net neutrality
Digital video's biggest stars show their support for net neutrality.
W0rrJwB.jpg (1366×696)PBS imagines a future for fandom that's already a reality
Idea Channel's predictions for the possibilities of fandom are easy to swallow—probably because they're already happening.
Tour de Nerdfighting by LeeannXLove on deviantARTHere's your chance to read Hank Green's 'Harry Potter' fanfiction
Plus: John Green and Benedict Cumberbatch star in Sherlock fanfic for charity.
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