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harlem shake

Late Late Show musical number about YouTube James Corden pulls out all the stops for his YouTube tribute
James Corden welcomes YouTube stars at a special episode filmed at YouTube Space L.A.
Filipino Prisoners Dance Their Way To The Big Screen Filipino prisoners dance their way to the big screen
Dance of the Steel Bars will be loosely based on Filipino inmates who scored a viral hit in 2007 with their recreation of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. 
undefined This is the Harlem Shake video of your dreams
This is how all Harlem Shake videos should end.
librarian Oxford students support librarian fired for allowing "Harlem Shake"
An Oxford University librarian has been fired for facilitating the performance of a reenacted "Harlem Shake," but the students involved say the bookworm had nothing to do with the act. Now they're fighting to help her get her job back.
kstew Dotted Lines: An honest "Breaking Dawn" trailer
It's even worse than you remember.
hshake BoobTube: Why YouTube can't stop porn
YouTube's censorship is a shell game. If a video get’s taken down, another will likely soon replace it.