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Mizzou Police arrest man for shooting threats against students at University of Missouri
Police say the 19-year-old threatened to 'shoot every black person I see.'
satanic Salem witch sues warlock for online harassment
Being a warlock doesn't mean you're not a troll.
Duct Tape Over Woman's Mouth Stop pretending online harassment isn't real
Sticks and stones might break my bones, and trolling could actually hurt me.
Why Peeple won't save us from jerks
A controversial new app doesn't understand how the Internet works.
kid-at-pc.jpg (1440×720) Why the Facebook 'dislike' button would've been terrible for cyberbullying
A 'thumbs down' may seem trivial. But sometimes, the little things are a big deal.
Watch 3 men react to videos of their girlfriends being catcalled
'He looked at your ass, whatever. All right, I’m getting pissed off.'