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Zoe Quinn's ex-boyfriend denies her claim that her lawsuit against him is over
Quinn said she dropped her case, claiming that the justice system is 'meant to punish, not protect.'
image of a reporter Female journalist sexually harassed during live broadcast
The police are looking for suspects.
heartmob Harassment-fighting HeartMob aims to drown out the trolls
You don't have to sit back and be harassed online.
man angrily staring at a computer monitor Charges dismissed in high-profile Twitter harassment case
What happens when a simple disagreement escalates into a months-long tweetstorm?
Music publicist offers semi-apology after multiple women accuse him of sexual assault
'Still makes me so damn mad thinking about it,' one of his alleged victims wrote.
scary person coming out of computer monitor There’s a new, refreshing trend in online bullying
The Internet has made bullying more common, but it's also giving its victims a powerful weapon to fight back.