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Screengrab from the website Here's how to stream all of the Halo title-screen music for free
You no longer need to stress out your Xbox to enjoy the fantastic Halo soundtracks on repeat.
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Halo 5 to include animated version of beloved origin novel, 'Fall of Reach'
This is some serious fan service for long-term Halo lovers.
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Master Chief's 'death' hits humanity hard in the latest 'Halo 5' teaser
Humanity mourns the death of its greatest hero.
Halo 5 Guardians Halo 5: Guardians preview builds anticipation for release day
We got our hands on Halo 5 for two preview campaigns.
Denial allegedly owes its former Halo team $3,000
The team's players weren't compensated for their play for the month of July.
Kat Gunn Guinness recognizes Kat 'Mystik' Gunn as highest earning female gamer
She's won more money than any other woman in video games.