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Hackers can force a high-tech sniper rifle to shoot the wrong target
A married pair of computer security experts
Rick PerryRick Perry is wrong—more guns won't make America's movie theaters safer
America’s mass shootings problem is not helped by useless solutions.
man shoots tv to avoid caitlyn jennerAlabama man shoots his TV because he's sick of hearing about Caitlyn Jenner
Desperate times call for desperate measures, we suppose.
Flying droneGun-wielding drone is exactly what this messed-up world did not need
If you see one of these drones coming your way, take cover.
colorful image of a gun barrel FBI: Background check failed to stop confessed Charleston shooter from buying gun
'We are all sick this happened,' FBI Director James Comey said.
Rainbow flag shooting targetOklahoma gun club's rainbow flag target shocks Facebook
Fear not, there's also a Confederate flag somewhere in there too.
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