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Gregory Brothers

Songify the news with Hannah Hart'Songify the News' takes on Donald Trump with the help of Hannah Hart
Presidential candidates, soccer stars, and Parliament all get the Auto-Tune treatment.
LizhInz.png (1276×713)Apparently Kid gets the Auto-Tune remix he deserves
All of the apparentlys—as you've never heard them before.
elsa frozen youtube complaintsBarely Political’s YouTube Complaints Desk returns for 2014
Ah, the traditional airing of grievances.
T3tOd8C.png (849×465)The Gregory Brothers Auto-Tune Kanye and Kimmel
A Twitter feud may have been the best thing to happen for Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West after all.
undefinedAntoine Dodson announces he's no longer gay, is about to be a father
Internet curiosity and ex-gay Antoine Dodson confirmed he's a father.
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