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NASA's next space race is coming soon to a theater near you
Here's what's really inside NASA's flying saucer.
Popular shows and movies as VHS tapes Retro VHS covers for your favorite modern TV shows
The retro covers without the actual hassle of VHS tapes.
How to make the painfully boring Oscars ceremony suck less
This year's show was like a four-hour ALS ice bucket challenge.
Gravity Movie Author of novel that may have inspired 'Gravity' suing for a cut of the film's proceeds
Did the movie 'Gravity' rip off this 1999 novel by the creator of 'Rizzoli & Isles'?
imgur: the simple image sharer Astronauts filmed the inside of a water bubble with a GoPro
Water bubbles plus zero-gravity equals science porn.
imgur: the simple image sharer Intense winds sweep aside this waterfall like it's no big deal
The Kinder Downfall is no match for a major gust of wind.