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Grand Theft Auto

Screengrab from a YouTube video‘The A-Team’ credit sequence remade in Grand Theft Auto V is fantastic
1980s ensemble-cast action show, Rockstar Games-style.
before/after illustration of bikini girl from grand theft auto, photoshopped with realistic proportionsBulimia website Photoshops video-game women with realistic proportions
Here's an easy way to make games look better than ever.
This guy recreated the Fresh Prince intro in GTAThe 'Fresh Prince' opening sequence is way darker when recreated in GTA V
The Internet continues to turn the show's opening sequence upside down.
Live-action Grand Theft Auto perfectly captures the game
YouTube channel Corridor Digital has recreated GTA in real life.
Screengrab of a YouTube video.Game mod puts Vice City into Grand Theft Auto V
If only Rockstar Games would take us back to Ray Liottaville.
Insane Grand Theft Auto mod brings in the Just Cause grappling hook
Everyone can use a grappling hook in their lives.
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