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Slappy the Doll from Goosebumps #7, Night of the Living DummyR.L. Stine wants you to choose the greatest 'Goosebumps' book of all time
You're going to want to vote in Monster Madness, the ultimate 'Goosebumps' bracket.
woman with binoculars Author slammed for stalking negative reviewer
How an online game of cat-and-mouse spilled into real life.
press partsHow publishing's biggest troll kept harassing women for so long
Here's a look inside the literary scandal that shook Twitter. 
woman lips.jpg (4091×2848)Christian romance novelist accuses kindergarten teacher of sexing up her book
Things are heating up between a Mormon housewife and a Nevada kindergarten teacher—and yes, there are racy sex scenes involved.
teddy bearNegative review sends author into 4-month-long public meltdown
"Quit while you're ahead" doesn't apply if you never were.
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