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rogue one cast 'Star Wars: Rogue One' costume display at German toy fair leaks a day early
These displays match some of the costumes in the first 'Rogue One' cast photo.
glitched image of computer keyboard Senior U.S. lawmaker's book imagines rogue German hacker crippling U.S. infrastructure
'Groups like the Chaos Computer Club contain many accomplished hackers, and only a few need to be lured away,' McCaul writes.
glitched image of keys Owner of email service used by L.A. bomb-threat hoaxster speaks out as investigation deepens
After fake bomb threats led police to, the saga of this email service is just beginning.
Nazi America Amazon to remove controversial 'The Man in the High Castle' subway ads
It's red, white, and blue like you'd never imagined.
Microsoft logo with German flag colors Microsoft dodges reach of U.S. government with new European data centers
The first company implicated in the NSA's PRISM program is looking for ways out.
German chancellor urges Mark Zuckerberg to crack down on anti-immigrant Facebook posts
Zuckerberg said he was working on it, but his company won't say how.