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george takei

These people wore the perfect shirts for their celebrity encounters
The Jeff Bridges encounter might be the best.
George Takei pride parade George Takei blasts the 'dignity' argument in Justice Thomas' marriage-equality dissent
Takei might know a bit more about the loss of dignity than Thomas.
Oh my! 'It Takeis Two' is George Takei's latest hilarious project
This 'reality' series will offer a glimpse inside the lives of the Takeis.
Rainbow Flag Everyone who is boycotting Indiana over its anti-gay religious-freedom law
But are they angry enough to throw a chair?
william shatner on blue background William Shatner reviewed Facebook Mentions in his first Tumblr post
It turns out the celebrity-only Facebook app isn't anything special. 
eaumy8.png (1300×843) The unsung Internet hero behind George Takei's cologne
Takei turned this redditor's Photoshop joke into a real product. Eau my!