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felicia day youtube space halloweenGuillermo del Toro helps spook up YouTube Space L.A. for Halloween
Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, and dozens of other creators take advantage of top-notch sets for their shoots.
amy poehler smart girls legendaryAmy Poehler announces a Legendary deal for 'Smart Girls'
Legendary increases its influence in the geek space.
paulandstormInside “LearningTown,” a bold children’s TV satire for the Web
Comedy duo Paul and Storm aim to create the 30 Rock of children’s television, with a hilarious soundtrack to boot.
friendzoneYouTube Guide: Stuck in the Friendzone"
Watch Dogs in boots, adults acting like children, and "Hunger Games for Math Nerds."
robotsattackDotted Lines: "Robots Attack!"
Robots attack the fictional city of Texas, California in the latest installment of the kid-powered YouTube series "Written By a Kid."
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