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Amy Poehler in front of Smart Girls background Amy Poehler's taking Smart Girls at the Party from webseries to TV
These are the Smart Girls at the Party.
felicia day youtube space halloween Guillermo del Toro helps spook up YouTube Space L.A. for Halloween
Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, and dozens of other creators take advantage of top-notch sets for their shoots.
amy poehler smart girls legendary Amy Poehler announces a Legendary deal for 'Smart Girls'
Legendary increases its influence in the geek space.
paulandstorm Inside “LearningTown,” a bold children’s TV satire for the Web
Comedy duo Paul and Storm aim to create the 30 Rock of children’s television, with a hilarious soundtrack to boot.
friendzone YouTube Guide: Stuck in the Friendzone"
Watch Dogs in boots, adults acting like children, and "Hunger Games for Math Nerds."
robotsattack Dotted Lines: "Robots Attack!"
Robots attack the fictional city of Texas, California in the latest installment of the kid-powered YouTube series "Written By a Kid."