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Eric Holder DOJ briefing Eric Holder says Snowden 'performed a public service' but calls leaks 'inappropriate and illegal'
Holder prosecuted more whistleblowers than any other attorney general.
British Houses of Parliament with glitch overlay U.K. boosts cyber forces amid fears of ISIS cyberattacks on critical infrastructure
The British government anticipates a more serious cyber threat.
Microsoft logo with German flag colors Microsoft dodges reach of U.S. government with new European data centers
The first company implicated in the NSA's PRISM program is looking for ways out.
glitched image of a lock U.K. surveillance bill would effectively ban strong encryption
The Conservative government says it's necessary to protect U.K. citizens.
U.S. and U.K. testing response scenarios for financial-sector cyberattacks
This is how serious the countries are about a potentially devastating hack.
NSA HQ at night Inside Intelexit, the activist group trying to recruit the next Edward Snowden
If no one works at the NSA, there will no one left to spy on you.