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Anonymous hackers fund Palestinian charities with stolen Israeli credit cardsPro-Palestine hackers fund charities with stolen Israeli credit cards
The war between Israel and online activists wages on.
I am a Muslim woman who wears a hijab every day—and this is what it's like
A social experiment can't compare to the experience of those who live it.
Banksy art in GazaBanksy filmed himself sneaking into Gaza to paint new artwork
'If we wash our hands of the conflict ... we don't remain neutral.'
Run Down BulildingDoctor launches campaign to rebuild Gaza's only school for kids with disabilities
Gaza's only school for disabled children was destroyed last year.
Israel and GazaThe 15 days the Internet wasn't paying attention to Gaza
This is what "normal" looks like.
Sylvester Stallone and Arnold SchwarzeneggerSylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger face blowback for pro-Israel statement
Can we send these celebs into cease-fire negotiations?
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