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Microsoft announces chatpad accessory for Xbox One
No more clumsy on-screen typing.
Ninjas in Pyjamas beats Cloud9 at ESL OneCloud9 and Ninjas in Pyjamas play the best match of ESL One
The next chapter in the America versus Europe rivalry ended with Cloud9 on the losing end. Barely.
Fnatic happy after semifinal win at GamescomAlliance and Fnatic: Who will win?
What do the stats say about a match between the two best teams in Europe?
Alliance wins Gamescom semifinals LCS EU 2014Alliance are going to Worlds
Alliance will join Fnatic in the LCS EU finals and the World Championships.
Fnatic win s4 semifinals at GamescomFnatic head to World Championships, fourth-straight LCS final
Fnatic is hungry for a fourth straight LCS EU title.
Dark Passage wins Gamescom Wild Card TourneyGamescom League of Legends tournament showcases joy and despair
One team was relegated from the LCS while another qualified for the World Championships at Gamescom today.
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