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Gambit Gaming playing in LCS week 6 Summer 2015 Gambit calls in Moopz to replace FORG1VEN instead of three AD carry subs
Even with three substitute AD carries on the roster, Gambit has to role swap to replace the suspended FORG1VEN.
Forg1ven crosses his arms Reigning LCS MVP FORG1VEN suspended 4 games for toxic behavior
Gambit Gaming will be without their superstar player when he's needed most.
Orianna official Gambit Gaming pull out Gangplank, but Unicorns of Love have bigger trump card
The runeglaive jungle enchant is changing up the metagame, and Unicorns of Love used it best to pull ahead in a close playoff race.
Shaunz will trial on-stage with Gambit this week as coach
One of League of Legends’ oldest veterans will be making his debut in the LCS this week.
forg1ven sk gaming FORG1VEN set to join Gambit
Gambit has been split over who should play in its bot lane. Now its made up its mind.
Jebus moving to NA to join Misfits
Former Gamers2 AD carry Mohammed “Jebus” Tohki has applied for a U.S. Visa.
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