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Louie Season 5 and the art of standup honesty Louis C.K., parenthood, and the art of the standup confession
Parenthood opened up Louis C.K.'s act.
Keri Russell in Americans
The Americans Celebrate the return of 'The Americans' with real stories of Russian spies in the U.S.
Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.
Conan and Archer Illustration Conan fights Russian mobsters with Archer in super-spy's animated world
Most of his bits aren't this dangerous.
Tom Hardy An open letter to Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy's drama Taboo won't hit FX until 2016 and that won't do.
Outbreak The lessons 'Outbreak' teaches us about America's Ebola scare
When it comes to the Internet age, fear is its own virus.
Gathering of Juggalo How to be a Juggalo in 2014
The Internet loves to dogpile on ICP, but the band's devoted fanbase—online and off—isn't going anywhere.