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fuck fbi friday

FBI Anonymous Anonymous releases possible FBI credit cards as retaliation for hacker's arrest
The credit card leak appears to mark the return of Anonymous's weekly attacks on the FBI.
stratfor emails WikiLeaks pairs with Anonymous to release GIFiles
The release of the Stratfor emails capped off a hectic string of hacks by Anonymous that included attacks on four Syrian websites and the GEO Group. 
anon acta hacks Anonymous says happy Friday with more government hacks
Anonymous strikes again for the third Friday in a row. 
FFF the third Anonymous hacks the CIA—what's next?
The hacker collective Anonymous is back, targeting spy agencies in its Friday initiative.
antisec FBI police lawfirms Anonymous stages new hacks on FBI and police across the United States
Members of Anonymous attacked various law enforcement sites today. Is it the start of a trend?  
Guy Fawkes masks AntiSec targets California cybercrime agent
Hackers deliver on a promise to release personal information about local, state, and federal law-enforcement personnel.