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two internet cables under a magnifying glass FCC unveils privacy plan to limit how Internet providers can use customer data
'Consumers should have effective control over how their personal information is used.'
Shield blocking data packets U.S. and E.U. publish full text of Privacy Shield data-transfer deal
Governments on both continents are optimistic that the deal will pass muster.
DOJ and FTC officials spar over encryption at 2016 State of the Net conference
A top consumer-protection official said efforts to weaken encryption 'deeply worry' her.
woman playing lumosity on laptop Popular 'brain training' site Lumosity faces $2 million fine for false promises
Because it takes more than games to make your brain better.
a giant magnifying glass peering in on the FTC building FTC officials are scared of major online-privacy reform
Reforming the ECPA would make FTC fraud investigations more difficult, officials claim.