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hands typing on backlit keyboard More surveillance in France won’t stop another Paris attack
Intelligence gathering isn't always that intelligent.
France sees rise in cyberattacks surrounding Paris bombings
A disturbing increase.
Paris Paris attacks: 2 dead, 7 injured after anti-terror raid in Saint-Denis
A woman blew herself up with a suicide belt when confronted by authorities.
image of french flag Charlie Hebdo stands up to ISIS with new cover on Paris attacks
The terrorists killed 129 people last Friday. But Charlie Hebdo isn't backing down.
Paris attacks Alleged ISIS video threatens Paris-style attacks in Washington
Alleged Islamic State members threaten more bloodshed in Europe and in the U.S. capital.
President Obama in front of French flag Obama announces new intel-sharing agreement with France
U.S. pledges to give France as much ISIS intelligence as 'allowed by existing law and policy.'