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jon stewart obama secret meetingsJon Stewart rips apart the conspiracies over his 'secret' meetings with Obama
‘That sounds so much more awesome than what happened.’
Mike Huckabee and Donald TrumpHow Mike Huckabee became even worse than Donald Trump
Huck won't back down on his Holocaust comments, and it's killing his campaign.
Tomi LohrenMeet Tomi Lahren, the breakout millennial conservative pundit of the year
She's the breakout conservative pundit of the year.
Planned ParenthoodNo, Planned Parenthood wasn't caught on video 'selling dead baby parts'
An extended version of the video tells a different tale.
music redord with scott brown and his wife on the labelFormer Sen. Scott Brown drops a track about his 29th wedding anniversary
It's the hottest track by a Republican the summer. (There was only one other option.)
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