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Jerry Falwell endorsing Donald Trump Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. endorses Donald Trump over Ted Cruz
This is a big blow for Cruz, especially with the Iowa Caucus looming.
Stacey Dash, Fox News Stacey Dash has choice words for Black History Month
The 'Clueless' star says Black History Month promotes segregation.
elephants making out Do young conservatives need their own dating app?
Would you trust Sean Hannity as your matchmaker?
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Fox News analyst calls Obama 'such a total p***y' on air
He has a NSFW way of describing Obama's ISIS strategy.
Fox News contributor faces death threats for mocking 'Star Wars'
Get a good look at the Dark Side.
american flag hijab This Muslim woman wore an American flag hijab on Fox News
She was forced to explain what people actually do at mosques.