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fourth amendment

Judge says secretly placing GPS tracker on a car is not an invasion of privacy
Is your privacy being violated if someone puts a GPS tracker on your car? It's complicated.
The NSA is still spying on you—so why did Americans stop caring?
Are we experiencing 'whistleblower fatigue?'
Police Traffic Stop by Side of Road Iowa developing smartphone driver's licenses
Legal experts, police express concerns about possible privacy violations.
Shapes of People Seen Through Exterior Walls with Radar Police use high-tech radar to peer into people's homes without a warrant
They can even see through the Fourth Amendment.
Cessna 140 NC89634 Flying in Clouds The Department of Justice is targeting cellphones with fake, airborne cell towers
The program targets criminals but collects from everyone.
Muslim with prayer beads FBI, NSA targeted leading Muslim-Americans, new Snowden revelations show
U.S. government targets include innocent civil rights activits, attorneys, professors, and a Republican candidate for public office.