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Rekkles takes the stage at Worlds semis Rekkles: Europe can't keep up with salaries offered in NA, Korea
The Fnatic AD carry talked about the departure of his two teammates.
Huni, Reignover, Rekkles after losing at Worlds Huni, Reignover leave Fnatic to play in another region
It's official: the most dominant Western League of Legends team of 2015 has split up.
Huni Huni ready to leave Fnatic and roleswap to AD carry as he sets his sights on the NA LCS
One of Europe’s most beloved players on one of Europe’s most beloved teams is ready to jump ship.
European CS:GO roster changes Fnatic, G2 Esports, and Dignitas in major CS:GO roster shift
One of best teams in Counter-Strike history is making a change. The effects are being felt across the game’s top level.
Overwatch The best Battlefield 4 team just quit to play a new game (and it's probably Overwatch)
Overwatch seems like a sure-fire landing spot.
Blackscorp Fnatic's new Heroes lineup impresses as G2 Esports qualify for WCA finals
With dreams of Blizzcon dashed, roster changes abound.