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Area Cat Launches Jamba Juice Franchise
 If you... Daily Fluff: Area cat launches Jamba Juice franchise
Miraculously, another franchise doesn't exist just up the block.
Hamster Gives Up on New Year’s Resolution
 Just... Daily Fluff: Hamster gives up on New Year's resolution
Who can stay motivated to exercise when there are nine seasons of The X-Files to watch?
tumblr_n35tmpRJ5h1qdedm3o1_1280.jpg (1280×1398) Daily Fluff: 5 ways to embarrass your cat
Kitty embarrassment is recommended for treating feline narcissistic personality disorder.
Puppy Sock Monkey Standoff Ends in Snuggles
... Daily Fluff: Puppy/sock monkey standoff ends in snuggles
The two engaged in a heated exchange earlier this morning.
Cat Starts Each Day with Meditation
 Zippo the cat... Daily Fluff: Cat starts each day with meditation
And now your moment of Zen.
Dog Is Extremely Excited for Upcoming Car Ride
... Daily Fluff: Dog is extremely excited for upcoming car ride
Echo is pacing back and forth in front of the car.