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notebook with a scribble of a surveillance camera on itU.K. court strikes down sweeping government surveillance law
It's a big win for privacy, but the fight is not yet over.
nsa logo drowning in waterPro-NSA senators aim to weaken USA Freedom Act's privacy protections
Opponents of surveillance reform are doing their best to water down a big NSA-reform bill.
US Flag in courtroomWhat happens if Section 215 of the Patriot Act expires?
The NSA will reluctantly stop tracking your phone calls. But the FBI's not going down without a fight.
abstract art of security cameraNSA champion Dianne Feinstein swoops in to slow surveillance reform
Critics say it's a halfhearted attempt at reform.
Surveillance Camera IllustrationSurveillance oversight board blasts Obama for continuing bulk phone-record collection
This is one area where Obama won't exert his executive authority.
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