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Fine Brothers

Teens react to JNCOsTeens discover JNCOs and make you regret your high school fashion choices
'I mean, look, you could fit an iPad in there.'
Illustration by Max FleishmanThe Fine Bros. to fund 6 new YouTube shows
New slate of series will enjoy a channel with 11 million-plus subscribers.
Teen Holding Video GameTeens face off in old-school Mario Kart 64 bout
Oh, they've heard of this one.
Kid playing Mega Man for NESEven teenagers think the original MegaMan is hard
"This game is from 1987! Like, it's supposed to be self-explanatory!"
Elders React to Call of DutyThese old people find it very difficult to play 'Call of Duty'
Hand over the controller to your parents and grandparents this holiday season.
sT0L2hN.png (1280×800)Kids have no idea what to make of this classic '90s toy
“It’s not Skip-It, it’s Trip-It!”
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