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Apple Store Privacy activists to gather at Apple stores in solidarity against FBI demands
Activists accuse FBI of exploiting San Bernardino shooting to push anti-privacy agenda.
illustration of chelsea manning looking at viewer Chelsea Manning punished in prison for old toothpaste, Vanity Fair magazine
Manning's attorney wasn't allowed to attend the hearing.
internet plug Privacy supergroup aims to kill 5 cybersecurity bills at once
The #CyberFail bills puts users at risk and wrecks privacy, the groups say.
Grumpy Cat blimp flown by anti-TPP activists at Sen. Ron Wyden town hall Privacy activists troll Sen. Ron Wyden with giant Grumpy Gat blimp
Ron Wyden is under pressure due to controversial trade legislation
Internet Cable with Republican Elephant Logo Underneath Net neutrality activists have dialed Congress 17,000 times since yesterday
And there's no sign they're slowing down.
Net Neutrality Logo Over US Capitol Building As holidays loom, open Internet activists give FCC a break
Even the FCC deserves a happy holiday.