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It's OK if Meryl Streep isn't a feminist—neither am I
We need to let every woman decide for herself.
What's Trending Fem Meghan Tonjes episode What's Trending Fem is the feminist channel you need to watch
Catch viral videos and trending topics before everyone else—but with a feminist slant.
sons watch moms being catcalled How sons react to watching their mothers being catcalled
Some people just need to see it to understand it.
lips.jpg (3456×2304) Against masculinity
Men don’t have to be anything. You just have to be you.
Funimation's 'Prison School' dig incenses Gamergate and anime translation purists
'Are you one of those dumbass Gamergate creepshows?'
Woman's hand holding red engagement ring With 'no hymen, no diamond' mantra, men's rights activists hunt for the perfect virgin
There's no way to prove virginity, but that has not stopped some men from trying.