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Fat Shaming

Girl showing off her crop tops and bathing suitPlus-size gals call out Oprah's magazine for fat-shaming with #RockTheCrop selfies
Oprah's 'O' magazine has a surprisingly negative view on the subject.
The double-edged sword of celebrity body positivity
Having body-positive role models for women is great, until they decide to get skinny.
all about that bass parody coverYouTuber gives 'All About That Bass' an even more body-positive message
This artist says she used both bass and treble in her song.
lady eats watermelonHey Fatty, this bracelet tells you how many bites you've eaten
Put down that watermelon, you fat fat fatty. Don't you know you've already taken 152 bites today?!
concorde cockpitWhy are we so bothered by fat people on airplanes?
Then two things happened: September 11th and I got fat.
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