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jewelryYour bank account will weep over this stunning fantasy jewelry
This is exactly what it would look like if an evil wizard cursed a city to be trapped a city inside a ring.
Behind the seams with WeLoveFine designer Catherine Elhoffer
The geek fashion designer talks to us about her work at WeLoveFine, and what we might see in the future.
The first transgender-only modeling agency is set to open in L.A.
Apple Models is scouting online for the next generation of transgender supermodels.
baubax jacket'The Swiss Army Knife of travel jackets' is the greatest thing on Kickstarter
It has 15 different functions. 16, if you count the jacket part.
Cara Delevingne fuck offCara Delevingne slams queerphobic Vogue article, saying her sexuality is 'not a phase'
The up-and-coming actress is out and proud. Take that, Vogue.
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