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Why your data is more valuable than you are
Your data might outlive you.
erin and nick Is this trivia app the new Tinder?
This couple met on QuizUp, the mobile trivia game. They're not the only ones to find love on a gaming app. 
destinyfarmville.jpg (1280×685) How Destiny became Farmville
Here's why thousands of Destiny players are shooting blindly into a cave right now. 
farmville driver Passenger catches train driver playing FarmVille
Someone's got to tend to the imaginary crops. 
All sizes | Roman Guro and Oculus Rift | Flickr - Photo Sharing! What will virtual-reality Facebook look like?
Our social networks will be a lot creepier when we can walk around inside them.
Game of Life Dot Dot Dot: How games play people
The maker of FarmVille, Zynga, is "pooping diamonds," so now Silicon Valley's best and brightest are turning everything into a game. That doesn't mean the rest of us are winners.