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Kim Kardashian taking a selfie with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher Here's an exclusive look at Wattpad's official celebrity fanfic book
'Imagines: Celebrity Encounters Starring You' is out this month.
Brooklyn fanzine Get ready for 'Captain America: Civil War' with this Steve/Bucky fanzine
Fifty-two pages of 'Captain America' fanart, celebrating the timeless romance of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.
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Is this the ultimate Valentine's Day date movie for 2016?
image of a lgbt flag This drunk guy's hot gay Donald Trump fanfic is making America horny again
The Amazon reviews might be the best part.
harry potter 6 ideas for 2016 blizzard fanfic
Grab some hot cocoa and a laptop. It's time to start writing blizzard fanfic.